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About 1924/1925 With Nurses/Student Nurses on the Balconies. From a Postcard shared by Burt and Charlene (Livingston) Rose.

The first hospital in Hamilton was opened in 1921 in the East Main Street former home of Dr. C. C. McMordie by Dr. C. E. Chandler and Dr. D. B. Beach after they moved their medical practice from Shive.  Drs. Beach and Chandler were soon joined by Dr. C. C. Cleveland, who had been practicing at Pottsville.  The three young doctors decided to build a 4-story hospital across the street of Dr. McMordie’s home.  The new 50-bed hospital opened in 1924.  (I was born in this hospital.-ECW.]  The three lower floors were constructed with brick, and the fourth floor (dormitory for nurses) was of frame construction.  Internal ramps, as well as stairs, connected the floors.  An accredited school of nursing provided training for many young ladies.

Following the death of Dr. Beach in 1936 and Dr. Chandler in 1940, the hospital was closed for a few years.  The building was used as a barracks during World War II for student pilots who were training at the Hamilton Airfield.  Following World War II the building was again used as a hospital for a few years.

A group of Hamilton citizens met 23 January, 1957, to formulate plans to construct a new hospital.  A stock company was formed with a capitol stock of $150,000.  Officials of the stock company were: George B. Golightly, Chairman; W. P. Lawson, Vice President; and W. G. Barkley, Secretary-Treasurer.    Dr. C. C. Cleveland, C. M. Hatch, Haskell Harelik, Floyd Campbell, and W. O. Manning were also on the Board of Directors.  Haskell Harelik had  purchased the East Ward School Campus following the closure of that school and the opening of Ann Whitney Elementary School in 1949.  This property was chosen to be the location of the new hospital.  Mr. Harelik accepted stock in the Hospital Stock Company equivalent to his cost in purchasing the property from Hamilton ISD.  Hamilton General Hospital opened 31 August, 1958.

In July, 1966, Medicare was available to the residents of Hamilton County. Congressman Omar Burleson estimated that 1,700 Hamilton County residents who were 65 or older were eligible for Medicare. Medicare was part of Lyndon Baines Johnsons’s “The Great Society” The first person to be admitted to the Hamilton County General Hospital as a Medicare patient was eighty-one-year-old Mrs. Charlie Etta (Riley) Henderson, daughter of Lorenzo D. Riley and Nancy Perkins Riley.


In 1987 Hamilton General Hospital was closed by Harris Methodist Affiliated Hospital System.  Residents of Hamilton and Hamilton County raised in excess of $320,000 to re-open the hospital in September, 1988.


New Hamilton General Hospital.

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Today’s My World Tuesday features photos from Hamilton most taken prior to 1950.

Rice Street, West side of Courthouse Square, Hamilton

Rice Street, West side of Courthouse Square, Hamilton. The picture is from a postcard supplied by H. L. Griffith, Griffith is a descendant of Jesse Jones Griffith, First Treasurer of Hamilton County, TX.

Southside of Hamilton Square prior to 1930.

South side of Hamilton Square prior to 1930. The Wm. Connolly & Co. Groceries & Dry Goods store can be seen on the left. Notice that the street has both cars and horse drawn wagons. Contributed by H.L. Griffith.

Hope you enjoyed this little jaunt back in time.

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St. Mary’s Episcopal Church began in 1868 in the home of Mrs. E. D. Bell. Among the first itinerant Episcopal Clergymen who came to Hamilton was Bishop Gregg in 1873. In 1874 The Right Reverend Alexander C. Garrett of the Missionary District of North Texas scheduled regular visits to Hamilton several times each year. Services were later held in the Presbyterian Church–the first church in Hamilton to build a church building.

In 1888 a Ladies Guild was formed. The first project of the guild was to raise money to build a church. Major C. W. Cotton gave the land on which the church was built in 1891 using the Carpenter Gothic style of architecture. E. R. Williams, John L. Spurlin, and S. D. Felt comprised the building committee. By 1896 the finishing touches on the building were completed and Bishop Garrett came from Dallas. St. Mary’s is the oldest church to remain on its original location in Hamilton. Rev. Father Ronald Baker, Vicar, rebuilt and installed an antique Estey pipe organ and presented the organ as a gift to the church at his ordination service about 1985. to consecrate the building. In 1950 an Austin stone Parish House with an auditorium, kitchenette, Sunday School rooms, and pastor’s study was added at the east end of the original church building.

Ernest Robert Williams was Sunday School superintendent for more than twenty years. Mrs. S. D. Felt was organist and choir director for twenty-seven years. Mrs. J. T. James was president of the Ladies Guild for twenty-four years. Some other members have been Cecil B. James, Dr. Charles C. Baker, Jr., M. Brents Witty, Mrs. Katherine (Baker) Witty, Mrs. Nora Katherine (Henderson) Teague, Robert Miller, Malcolm G. James, John C. Latham, Calvin Thomas, and Mrs. Flora Emma (Briggs) Blitz — ECW

More About St. Mary’s Episcopal Church:

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